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Dear Parent or Guardian:

Your son/daughter has applied to lease a housing unit managed by ________________  LLC in Ann Arbor. Because he/she is a student and is not employed full-time, the Co-Sign Agreement below is required by the lease.

To assure your son/daughter has a confirmed housing unit, please return this Co-Sign Agreement to us within seven (7) days. You may fax it to (734-668-7124), or mail it to 820 Hill St Ann Arbor Mi 48104.

Thank You

________________  LLC


In consideration of ________________  LLC leasing ________________________________________  , Ann Arbor, MI to my son/daughter/ward ________________________________________  , I guarantee the timely performance of his/her pro-rata portion of the responsibilities for the lease term beginning ________________  ________________  and for subsequent renewal periods (if any). In the event of collection action necessitated by default, this guaranty includes reasonable fees and costs incurred by ________________  LLC.

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